Which area of Pune you give delivery ?

Meatdeli presently provides home delivery in Pune East area which includes Kharadi, Kalyani Nagar, Viman Nagar.

Is the delivery free or chargeable basis?

Yes, Free Home Delivery is free if the order amount is above Rs. 300.00 . But if the amount is lower than Rs. 300.00 we also deliver in but with some charges. If bill value is less than Rs. 300.00, we change Rs. 50.00 as delivery charges for home delivery.

What time slot you deliver?

We deliver the products seven days a week. Our delivery timings are in three slots.

  • Slot I – 11.30am -1.30 pm
  • Slot II -5.00pm – 6.30 pm
  • Slot III – 8.00 – 9.00pm

Can we do advance booking?

Yes, you can do advance booking.

Is any holiday for home delivery?

We operate 365 days, on any holidays we can deliver you the products. Home delivery will be closed in case of any unavoidable reasons, but you can confirm it by calling on our calling numbers, they will guide you. 

Do you also make express delivery?

No, we don’t do any express delivery but you can call and ask for the urgent delivery, they will guide you.

Can we visit the store?

You are most Welcome. You can visit the store in “Viman Nager” and you can see the products, hygiene, cleanliness. You can choose the product as per your choice, they will clean and process in front of you.

Where does the Meatdeli chicken meat source from?

Meatdeli source meat only from the chicken slaughter house where the processing company has their own chicken farms. The must well managed as per quality norms and health is monitored by a qualified veterinarian.

Is it safe to consume fresh chilled chicken?

Yes. We receive chicken from our approved vendor daily morning.so chicken is fresh every day. Secondly, the chicken is always stored in the chilled condition in ice or in chillier at 0 – 4-degree centigrade. At this temperature, bacteria can’t grow. So you can consume Meatdeli chicken safety.

Do your chicken is Halal standard ?

Yes, our approved vendors for fresh and frozen meat products follow Halal standard.

How I can store chilled chicken at home?

You can store chilled chicken in polybag for 2 – 3 days in fridge. Keep the packet in dish to avoid any contamination due to drip.

Is the frozen raw chicken safe to eat?

Yes, freezing is done at a factory by freezing the meat in the shortest time and kept at -18 C or below. At the temperature, bacteria can’t grow. So it is safe to consume frozen raw meat.

How to thaw the raw chicken meat?

Thawing can be done by two ways. 1. Keep the frozen meat packet in a dish and thaw it by keeping at 0 – 4 C overnight in fridge OR 2. Pack the frozen pack in a polybag tightly and keep the bag in under room temperature tap water. Don’t use hot water or stagnate, must be in flowing water.

Can I freeze meat which is once thawed by keeping in freezing chamber?

No. Please don’t freeze the once thawed meat again by keeping in the freezer. Thaw only the required quantity and use it.It is not food safe to freeze once thawed meat.

Why I should buy chicken from you?

Because of cleanliness, hygienic, proper weighing, stored in chilled condition to avoid any food safety problem fro you.

Fish at Meatdeli are fresh?

Yes…we directly get the fish from approved vendors who gets directly from dock or pond. We check the fish as per our Quality policy and then fish is procured. Fish is always stored in ice all the time, so there is no deterioration of fish. 

Is mutton fresh?

Yes. Mutton is fresh every day, we receive it daily basics as per our order.

Is IQF fish is good to consume?

Yes,  IQF means Individual Quick Freezing. Individual fish or piece is frozen in a freezing chamber with the blast of chilled air at -30 to -35 C and frozen in minimal time. The advantage is you can take an individual piece from frozen pack and rest is kept in frozen condition, no need to thaw all pack.

My fish order is less weight than my order weight ?

When you order fish or prawns, it is weighed first as whole fish and then it is cleaned to remove all inedible parts as scales, head, intestine, fins, tail etc. so the weight of the fish less than your order.

Are your prawns deveined?

Yes, the prawns which you get are deveined i.e. removing of the vein. If it is PUD – Peeled Undeveined but mostly all large prawns are PDTO – Peeled, Deveined and tail on. This is as per the industry standard.

Are the eggs procured from farm?

Yes. We have a vendor which owns his own chicken farm. The farm is under a supervision of a qualified veterinarian. We received fresh eggs and we don’t store for the long time.

Are the eggs good for children?

The eggs are packed with vitamins and minerals, protein. For growing children, it is good quality protein.

Is there any life in these eggs sold in Meatdeli?

No. There is no life in the eggs. These are known as Table eggs which are not fertile.

Is mutton sold in Meatdeli Halal?

Yes. Our vendor follow the Halal standards.

Can I store mutton in home refrigerator?

Yes. You can store the mutton for two days in the freezer at the proper temperature but consume kheema on the same day.

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