Chicken Wings – 450g

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The chicken wings are consists of three parts, the wingtip, the wingette (flat) and drummettes. You can marinate and roast in oven with your delicious sauce or fry it to cook and toss with different sauce and enjoy your evening snacks with chilled cold drink


Product Description

A chicken wing section (wingette or drumette) that is generally deep-fried, unbreaded, and coated in vinegar-based cayenne pepper hot sauce and butter. They are traditionally served hot, along with celery sticks and/or carrot sticks with blue cheese dressing or ranch dressing for dipping.

The flavor of Buffalo wings is replicated by a number of dishes.Today, there are many flavors of prepared wings , Flavors include barbecue, lemon pepper, pepper Parmesan, garlic, sweet-and-sour, honey mustard, Thai chili, and Caribbean jerk.

Our chicken cut is especially cut in a way for the preparations of appetizers , it is with chicken skin and hence is best for frying , grilling etc making it crispy. Chicken has often been a common source of protein in the evolving Indian meals and also fits a range of common diets. Pack contains 7 to 8 wings with skin

Dining / Cuisines applicability
For the formal dining room table these wings can suite your quest for your favorite dishes likes tandoori chicken,chicken lollipops, chicken fries and so on.
All values with respect to 1 serving

Additional Information

Weight 450 kg


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