Catla/Katla Fish – 1.2kg

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Sardines are a nutrient-rich fish commonly consumed by humans. They are commonly served in cans, but fresh sardines are often grilled, pickled, or smoked.Sardines are rich in vitamins and minerals.Sardines are also a natural source of marine omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.[9] Recent studies suggest the regular consumption of omega-3 fatty acids reduces the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease and can even boost brain function. In India the fish is typically eaten fresh, and canned sardines are not popular. Fried sardines are a much sought-after delicacy.They are consumed in various forms, including deep-fried and pan-fried preparations, or made into curries of various types.

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Note – As a common practice, we weigh the fish first and then proceed to cleaning. In cleaning process, on an average, there is a loss of 35-40% of whole weight including head and tail. So end weight received by the customer will be around 700-750gm.


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