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Silver Pomfret Fish (3 Pieces) – 1-1.1kg

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Pomfret best is The King of Fish, often called either the silver or white pomfret, usually silver/white in color, with few small scales. They can grow to more weight but due to overfishing, specimens weighing less than 1 kg (2 lb) are more commonly seen.It’s flesh is soft and buttery when cooked. The fish contains very less fat and single center bone. It can be grilled, stamed but marinated fried Pomfret is always a treat.

Product Description

Pomfret originated from the Portugese word ‘pampo’. A seawater fish with one single bone. Pampus argenteus, often called either the silver or white pomfret, is a species of butterfish that lives in coastal waters off the Middle East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

Fish of this family are characterized by their flat bodies, forked tail fins, and long pectoral fins. Silver pomfrets are usually silver/white in color. Depending on the catch the weight per piece varies. The smaller piece is ~350g per piece. Every piece is fully cleaned and delivered as whole or cut based on customization.

This fish is prized in the Indo-Pacific region for its taste. It is called ‘pamplet’ in Mumbai and ‘vawall’ in parts of South India. It is called zubaidi in Arabic, which is derived from the word zubdah, which means butter, due to its tender flesh.

Please Note – As a common practice, we weigh the fish first and then proceed to cleaning. In cleaning process, on an average there is a loss of 35-40% of whole weight including head and tail. So end weight received by the customer will be around 300-350gm.


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